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The Launching Point is a one-day a week interview-based podcast designed to uncover the transformative nature of launching into entrepreneurship through the telling of successful entrepreneurs' before and after stories of what it’s really like launching into the world of entrepreneurship. Each episode features a different entrepreneur weaving a narrative of who they were as a person before making the life-changing decision to launch into entrepreneurship, what obstacles they had to overcome to reach their launching point, and ends by hearing about who they are today and them providing actionable advice.
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Aug 31, 2015

Chris Burns, owner of Burn It Up business coaching, graduated from college with a degree in electrical engineering, but it wasn't his passion.  He got caught up in the party scene and eventually ended up getting arrested and spending the night in a jail cell.  It was at that low moment that he realized he needed to be using his gifts and talents to help better the world and change the path he was on.  Today he is the owner of a successful and growing coaching business and is filled with gratitude and possibility.

Aug 28, 2015

Janelle and Rob Alex, Relationship and Intimacy Experts, both started at a young age down the entrepreneurial path.  After getting married, they bought a business that all they owned was tied to. The recession hit and they lost everything including their home.  They clawed their way back and took all they learned in their marriage and today have found success in the relationship and intimacy arena.

Aug 26, 2015

Allen Vaysberg, owner of Amiveris Entreprises, Inc, started his career in IT to go after the money, but quickly realized his passion was in marketing and working with people.  He founded an IT company that collapsed after 9/11 and left him in $300K in personal debt.  He picked himself up and started a second business that was very successful, but he still hadn't found his calling.  Today he has launched a business that is very much in line with who he is as a person.

Aug 24, 2015

Nicole K. Lundy is a money making brand strategist and lifestyle entrepreneur who worked on Wall Street before being put on disability for anxiety and depression.  She decided to make a change and launch into business for herself instead of keep going down that path.

Aug 21, 2015

Vance Morris, the founder and CEO of Deliver Service Now Institute, started a franchise after getting laid off for a second time.  But just two weeks after signing the paperwork, his wife nearly died.  They decided to go forward and today, his business is very successful and he has taken all that he has learned and spawned a second business.

Aug 19, 2015

Linda Leon, a media specialist, went from a successful career in commercial television to becoming an elementary school teacher to her husband and her both being laid off.  She rediscovered her love for video production, started her own business, and never looked back.

Aug 17, 2015

Gene Robinson is an author and the owner of Positive Concepts Publishing Company.  After growing up being told he would never amount to anything and struggling with obesity for the better part of his life, he took control. changed his thoughts, and wrote a book to help others do the same.

Aug 14, 2015

Brian Hills is the owner of a tech support company for computers and mobile devices and started his business on the side while he had a full-time job working in the wireless industry.  He eventually took the leap and quit his job.  Today, he is looking to expand his offerings and find ways to monetize online.

Aug 12, 2015

Emily Filloramo worked in pharmaceutical sales for 27 years, sleep walking through her corporate job, before she was laid off.  A financial advisor planted the idea that she should be an entrepreneur and she has never turned back.

Aug 10, 2015

Adam Dicker is a Domain Name Expert and former VP of GoDaddy.  He has been voted one of the top ten most influential people on the internet and got his start in entrepreneurship by running two side businesses while he had a full-time job.

Aug 9, 2015

In this bonus episode, I peel back the curtain some more and share some wins, what I've learned about calls to action, provide an Instagram update, and talk about controlling what you can control and embracing imperfection.

Aug 7, 2015

Rachna Jain is the owner of considers herself an accidental entrepreneur after helping build a psychology practice, asking for and receiving a raise, and four weeks later having that raise retroactively rescinded.  That happened on a Thursday and by Monday she had her own practice.

Aug 5, 2015

Naresh is a young entrepreneur and author that started in the corporate world after getting a solid education.  He ran into some serious struggles early on, including a nasty lawsuit, and persevered after re-thinking being an entrepreneur.

Aug 3, 2015

Victor Clarke, owner of Clarke Incorporated, went from the cutthroat sales industry in the hustle and bustle of Washington DC to buying a printing business in a small town in central Virginia after having a boss that made his life miserable.